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Third Party Access (TPA)

Third Party Access

Get some help to do your banking

Give someone you trust the authority to manage your accounts and handle your day-to-day banking. You can cancel the agreement at any time.

What is it?

Third Party Access (also known as Third Party Authority) is an agreement that enables you to allow a trusted individual (the ‘nominee’) to access your accounts, pay your bills or withdraw cash and act on your behalf.

Talk to your nominee, so they understand exactly what you would like them to do on your behalf. Make sure they read any paperwork and account terms and conditions for any accounts they will have access to carefully.  Ask if they have any questions  so you are both on what you would like them to do.

  • Agree with your nominee how you would like them to access your account, eg a debit card, Telephone or Online Banking (we cannot limit the amount of money the individual could access)
  • You can cancel the nominee’s access at any time in writing or in branch  
  • There’s no need to register Third Party Access with a relevant authority and it can be set up in a local branch

Useful for customers who want to:

  • Allow someone to help manage their money
  • Choose the account(s) their nominee can access
  • Control the way their nominee can withdraw cash and make payments and transfers (ie in branch, by phone, online or using an account card)

Ideal for customers who are:

  • Going abroad for long periods
  • Over 18 and going to university
  • Looking for help to manage their day-to-day banking

What can the nominee do?

Your Nominee CAN

  • Access your transactions and request a balance or statement
  • Request a statement to be sent to either party
  • Order a chequebook or credit book
  • Hold and use a debit card for your account – if you’ve agreed to this

Your Nominee CAN’T

  • Change the account type or your name, address and contact details
  • Open or close accounts
  • Make changes to or apply for products or services
  • Access any documents you've stored with us in Barclaysafe
  • Authorise us to respond to a Status Enquiry Request or disclose any of your personal information  
  • Make a claim against us or log a claim on your behalf
  • Use your card and PIN to make payments or withdraw cash, even if you’ve agreed to this
  • Order a debit card for you if you don’t currently have a card
  • Personalise your debit card
How to set up Third Party Access

Step 1: register in branch

Arrange an appointment in branch where you and your nominee can request to set up Third Party Access.

If you and your nominee bank with us, you’ll need:

Proof of your identity

This can be:

  • Barclays debit/credit card
  • UK passport
  • UK full or provisional photo driving licence

If your nominee doesn’t currently bank with us, you’ll need:  

Proof of your identity

This can be:

  • UK passport
  • UK full or provisional photo driving licence. If you don’t have a passport or driving licence, bring something from our list of  acceptable identification  for bank accounts

Proof of residence

This can be:

  • A utility bill less than 3 months old that confirms your current address

Step 2: complete

You and your nominee will need to complete the form in a branch. It’ll be useful to consider the following before your appointment:

  • Which accounts you want your nominee to access
  • Whether you want your nominee to have a debit card
  • Whether your nominee will have telephone and online access to your account
  • Whether you’d like your nominee to receive statements (alternatively, we can send them duplicate statements without setting up Third Party Access)

Step 3: account

Once you’ve completed the Third Party Mandate, your nominee will usually get access to your account within 2 working days.

If you’ve chosen to give your nominee access using a card, or using Telephone or Online Banking, we’ll send the card, PIN and log-in details separately to their address within the following time periods:

  • Nominee debit card: 7 to 10 working days
  • Nominee telephone banking: 2 to 5 working days
  • Nominee online banking: 2 to 5 working days

How do I cancel Third Party Access?

You can cancel the nominee's access at any time in writing or in branch.

Important information

  • You and your nominee must be aged 18 or over
  • Your nominee’s access to your account will be cancelled if you become mentally incapable of managing your financial affairs, as defined by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), or in the event of your death
  • We can’t set a limit for any transactions made by your nominee, so you’ll need to monitor your accounts  
  • There’s no charge to set up Third Party Access and you don’t have to be registered with the OPG
  • You can cancel Third Party Access at any time

To find out more about this and alternative options available for Power of Attorney, visit the  Office of the Public Guardian .

There are a number of organisations that you can refer to for advice, including  Citizens Advice Age UK Age NI  and the  financial support  section of the Macmillan website.